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Social Media Magnate-App ReiviewSocial Media App Review: Magisto

I stumbled upon Magisto through another App called Apps Gone Free. They offer free apps daily that include: productivity, photography, children’s games and more. I am addicted to apps that actually make my life a bit easier, so I don’t mind sharing those tools that work for me. Check out the video I made for my #NaturalHair followers on my Instagram account. I made it with Magisto and its pretty cool.

Magisto transforms the video and photos you shoot into polished short movies with emotion and excitement at the core of every story.

Magisto is user friendly and offers quite a few awesome features that help create a cool piece of content for your business. The video above is a sample of a few videos clips from my Natural Hair Instagram Account where I like to post tutorials on how to manage and maintain natural hair. This app allowed me to see how neat it is and I can’t wait to create much more with it.

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Ann Frances Lambert- The Social Media Magnate

Ann-Frances Lambert, The Social Media Magnate

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Social Media Tip of the Day: How to Create and Share Photos in Less Than 30 Seconds

Tip of the Day, Social Media Help

Need an easy way to create an image and share it to your social networks in less than 30 seconds? The BufferApp has a tool that will solve that problem.

Watch the video it just might help you with your social media game plan. If you are an internet marketer, success coach, professional speaker, or you just like posting positive messages then this app is a great tool.

Try it out for yourself Here!

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Knowledge is Power when it comes to Social Media.

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Positive Motivational Quote

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Amazon Seller Chronicles: How to Use Templates to Keep Amazon Seller Central in Good Standing

Drop Ship Secrets, DS Domination Monopoly

Looking for some Drop Ship Secrets to improve your online business? Watch this video which explains a Drop Ship Secret on Keeping your Amazon Seller Central Account in good standing.

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~Ann-Frances Lambert

AnnFrances Lambert, DS Domination Monopoly

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Motivational Quotes Helping to Make Your Mind Magnetic with Positivity

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A Magnetic Motivation to help you get through the day. 

PP 090913

I hope you enjoyed this positive quote for the day. Most of the images are courtesy of Queen Ann Photography

Check back as we are constantly adding new images.

Make it an Awesome Day and Keep it Positive!

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Social Media Tip of the Day: How to Invite ALL of Your Friends to an Event on Facebook

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Watch this video if you want to learn how to invite all your friends to an event on Facebook.

Below is the code that I mentioned in the video. You have a step by step on how to do this, and if you get stuck just watch the video again.

Copy and Paste this code to the java script console section)

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++) {if (x[i].type == ‘checkbox’) {x[i].click();}}; 

Here is a step by step Guide on How to Invite ALL your Friends to an Event on Facebook:

1. Create an event on Facebook.

2. Scroll down to the end of all your friends.

3. Go to Chrome Settings>More Tools>Javascript Console

4. Paste the Javascript code in the section explained in the video.

5. Hit enter and the coding should turn “Blue”

6. It will take a few seconds depending on the # of Friends you have.

7. Click the “Send” button.

If you have over 2500+ friends like I do then it will only invite 1500 which is the max. Once I find out how to invite more, I will update the video.

I hope this post helps you especially if you are a promoter or an event planner. This simple task can make you life a bit easier when it comes to inviting friends to a Facebook event.



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How to Create a Banner Ad Using Your Own Images

I created this video to inspire those entrepreneurs with small marketing budgets to know that with a bit of creativity you can create amazing banner ads using your own photos. Do it yourself and save some money if you have some time to kill.

In the video I talk about my favorite go-to tool for creating awesome images, its called PicMonkey. You can create FB Cover Collages, Banner Ads, just about anything you put your mind to. There are several overlays and custom features to choose from and its all FREE! You can upgrade to the royal features which is about $3.99, no matter what you choose, its worth it in the end.

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How to Add a Custom Thumbnail to Your Videos To Boost Your Views

The one thing that I am learning when it comes to social media is to be yourself and stand out from the rest. You can get your videos to stand out more if you add a custom thumbnail to your video file when you upload a video to Youtube.

Check out the video below in which I show you just how to do it!

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Twitter Enters Into Deal With Google To Boost Online Presence

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Twitter Enters Into Deal With Google To Boost Online Presence

Twitter has reached a deal with Google to make its short messages become more visible on the Internet and boost its online presence.

Under the deal, tweets will show up with Google engine searches as soon as they are posted in the first half of the year to give Google access to the flow of Twitter’s 284 million users.

From now on, Google will go to search information on the Twitter we site and the process will become automatic.

Twitter is trying to expand its audience and generate more ad resources by taking this online marketing initiative and is keen to make a strong statement with its internet marketing efforts despite not making any profit in this year. Twitter said it will allow its advertisers to run ads on web sites outside its network.

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5 Step Guide on Starting Your Online Business

Are you looking for your next step when it comes to Internet Marketing?

Do you need a little Social Media Boost for your Business?

Check out this 5 Step Guide on Starting Your Online Business. An easy approach on whether you are in the right place for starting a business. It will not be easy but if you have the mindset to do whatever it takes then you are ready to start your journey.


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